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The IATA has recently added a new module to its online IATA training course, titled "Shippers, Forwarders and Foreign Airlines." This module teaches basic "Cat 6" topics to prepare you to meet the FAA's requirements for air transportation. Although the FAA does not use the term "Cat 6," it requires adherence to Part 175 of the 49 CFR, which no carrier is exempt from. It also provides an overview of USG-13 in IATA/ICAO regulations.
The Shipping and Transport of Regulated Biological Materials course is a comprehensive training program designed for initial and periodic retraining, meeting the requirements of the International Air Transport Association and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The course is ideal for clinical trials in the U.S., as well as shipping of hazardous goods. The course also teaches GDPR compliance and contains information on the new GDPR regulations. It is available online or through traditional classroom instruction.
You can learn here about the IATA training online that is conducted through an advanced Learning Management System. During initial training or refresher courses, students can study on their PC with an IE7 or IE8 web browser. IATA online training is cost-effective and works on any PC with an Internet connection. Volume purchases of the online course can save you money. Applicants must submit applications by 27 April 2020 to ensure they will receive their certificate by the deadline. This training course provides a complete overview of the IATA DGR mandates.
Besides being valuable for those who wish to work in the aviation industry, IATA training courses can also help you to advance your career and secure a job. Some aviation jobs require a basic diploma, but obtaining a tertiary certificate will help you gain an edge over your competitors. You can even work as an airport supervisor, cargo and logistics agents, security, and airport administrators. And finally, if you are interested in working in a travel agency or tourism firm, IATA training online can help you to become more qualified for that field.
IATA training online focuses on educating travelers about dangerous goods and other regulations. This course teaches you the responsibilities of a shipper and an airline operator. It also covers important information on how to identify, package and label dangerous goods. It also includes modules for every class of dangerous goods. The course covers all topics relevant to the IATA DGR course. So if you are involved with hazardous goods, IATA certification training is crucial for you.
You can earn your IATA certification through this course by working as a travel agent. The course also includes mandatory IATA/ICAO regulations. In addition to IATA training online, you can find a TIDS course for dangerous goods. The TIDS application process usually takes about two to three business days. There are some prerequisites, though. You must register and pay for the course before enrolling. If you are interested in the course, be sure to check your availability and pay attention to the time. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_technology for more insights about this post.
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